Restaurant Hood Cleaning, Grease Collection & Trap Cleaning in NJ

Keeping the exhaust hood system in your kitchen range clean is critical to ensuring that your restaurant operates at the most significant level of safety for your customers. Air duct cleaning New Jersey inc – Water, Fire & Mold Restoration | Ductwork & Hood cleaning NJ follows a well-rehearsed process that assists you with staying in business while reducing dangerous commercial kitchen risks.

A kitchen hood that’s dirty is a huge fire hazard in the kitchen of your restaurant. Clearing your vent hood of any debris decreases dramatically the risk of a fire occurring in your commercial kitchen. If a vent hood filter gets clogged with grease and does not allow the hood to vent correctly can cause failure of the hoods fan causing smoke throughout your restaurant and poor indoor air quality for your guests.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning in NJ

We, the air duct professionals in New Jersey has professional technicians that will not only clean the vent Hood in the kitchen but will also perform regular maintenance to make sure it stays up to code with Grease Collection & Trap Cleaning. By doing so, we significantly reduce the risk of fires and loss of revenue for your business. A well-vented hood works much more efficiently with removing heat and odors from your commercial kitchen.

We begin every restaurant hood cleaning starting with the exhaust fan, moving on to the ductwork, and lastly, we take care of cleaning the hood and the filters. Once the entire system is clean, we wipe down the hood, make it shine, and also clean the kitchen of any possible overspray.

Grease Collection & Trap Cleaningprevent oil, fat, and grease from severely clogging drainage pipes and it prevents backups of raw sewage.

Grease Collection & Trap Cleaning

Our affordable services can help your business avoid code violations and costly repairs by utilizing our environmentally friendly cleaning of your grease traps systems. The routine grease trap maintenance that we offer includes taking out the accumulated grease from your grease trap, making sure that the inflow and outflow pipes are clogged, and we remove any solid matter that is present in your grease trap. During any part of that process if we notice any damaged or broken parts, will have it fixed to prevent it from becoming a costly repair for you in the future.

Most municipalities require cleaning on the regular of your grease trap. We can work together with you to come up with a standard service schedule to ensure your grease trap stays clean and compliant with any local, state, and federal regulations. Maintaining a consistent service schedule will help to keep your sewer system from causing you costly repairs due to backup issues.

Industries in New Jersey that should contact us, the air duct professionals, to schedule a vent hood cleaning and maintenance includes:

  • Hospitals
  • Cafeterias
  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Correctional facilities
  • Event and Convention centers

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Our restaurant hood cleaning services, grease collection, and trap cleaning services are both efficient and safe.

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