Air Duct UV lighting system installation service

UV light systems for home HVAC systems, which include the furnace and air conditioner’s air handling components, provides three distinct benefits to explore. The specific light spectrum refers to ultraviolet light that has wavelengths which are directly used to disinfect water, sterilize surfaces, destroy harmful microorganisms in food products and the airspace.

Here are the three benefits of UV lighting systems installation service:

  1. The increased efficiency of the cooling and heating system – UV light handles the air section of your HVAC unit. It works to eliminate And prevent the buildup of organic material on the surfaces of the air conditioning drain pans, cooling coils, and interior duct surfaces. The process improves returns and air flow or maintains the heat transfer levels of the cooling coils which decrease unexpected maintenance and breakdowns.
  2. The Improvement in indoor air quality- UV light takes away organic material on the surface of the air conditioner cooling coils and interior surfaces of the Ducks which assist with improving indoor air quality from the reduction of odors and pathogens. Reasonably quickly residents report improved help with reducing sickness with an expected boost in comfort level along with improved productivity of the unit.
  3. The economic benefit – UV lighting system installation service has a significant impact on reducing the energy cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint of the mechanical systems. Any hot/ cold complaints are decreased throughout the home. The amount of Maintenance and breakdown repairs are also significantly reduced.

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HVAC Systems with UV Lighting in NJ

UV-C ‘s are standard for their ability to decontaminate the airflow through a building’s HVAC system. The system is most beneficial where communicable diseases are prevalent, such as office spaces, healthcare settings, municipal offices, schools, Etc. Failure to properly maintain the HVAC system in these type of environments can promote disease transmission as it regenerates the same germs throughout the entire building. Conversely, installation of UV lamps with their recognized ability to kill known microorganisms can help to prevent the spread of disease and or cross-contamination.

In addition to improved indoor air quality, UV-C yields other HVAC UV light benefits when installing in a buildings air handler system. The UVC maximizes HVAC system efficiency, thereby decreasing energy use and costs.

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